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This book explores the main elements that make up each of the three kings guitar style and is designed to give you the tools and approaches you need to add a little of each style to your own guitar playing.

Each chapter examines the rhythm and lead guitar techniques of the three Kings, which are then broken down into their signature phrases. We dissect the approaches used so you can see the origins of each idea, making them easier to integrate into your own guitar playing.

At the end of every chapter we have a specially composed rhythm guitar part and lead guitar solo, demonstrating how you can combine the ideas into the context of a blues piece.


  • Albert King Techniques
  • Albert King Rhythm
  • Albert King Lead
  • Freddie King Techniques
  • Freddie King Rhythm
  • Freddie King Lead
  • B.B. King Techniques
  • B.B. King Rhythm
  • B.B. King Lead

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